Getting Started

Getting started with Taskcrew is super easy!  You can start by going through our services; choosing one of our amazing business kits (time credit) and then signing up to buy your preferred business kit. You can usually submit your first task the same day you sign up.

Please feel free to use our contact form to let us know more about your task and how we might help you, even before you purchase a kit. We will usually respond the same day with answers to any questions you may have.

When you sign up and choose a business kit, we will offer you a Welcome Call. We would usually send you an email, asking you to set up a time when a member of our team can contact you and help you on-board. If you can get around things yourself, fine, otherwise we are just a phone call away or you can drop us an email at

Assigning Tasks to Us

We use a very simple and effective task management system that enables you to easily upload your tasks once you are logged on. You will also be able to upload documents and files that may be needed to accomplish your tasks. You will also be able to submit multiple tasks as long you have time credit left.

Member Area

Signing up gives you access to our member area. This is where you can buy business kits, see you remaining hours, upload tasks, see a history of your tasks and many more. As a member, you will have 24/7 access to our task management portal and can always view the status of any task we are currently working on for you.

Rethink Your Approach To Staffing!

No longer is physical staffing the only option you have. Say hello to innovation and revolution. Live forward, start saving by using virtual assistants - we are the future!

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What happens if I still have hours remaining at the end of the month?

    A: We understand what flexibility means to you, so our pricing model is designed to give you up to three months to use your hours (depending on the business kit you purchase). So, if you purchase anything from 10 hours, your remaining hours will roll over in to the following month, giving you enough time to use them. Again, depending on the business kit you purchase, you will have a maximum of three months to use your hours after which the hours will expire. Never lose your hours, it’s your money, that’s why you must keep your VA busy.

  • Q: What happens when my hours run out?

    A: We know that the last thing you want is another monthly bill or contracts to sign. Our business kits were designed with this in mind. Your business kit is like a pool of hours that your VA draws from while working on your tasks. Use the hours in your business kit and when they run out, simply purchase another kit or upgrade to a bigger kit. We will usually send you an email informing you that your hours are low and give you a link to purchase another kit.

  • Q: What if my hours are not enough to complete a task that you’ve started for me?

    A: Before we start on your tasks, we will normally check that you have enough hours to complete the task. If this is not the case, your VA will get in touch and send you a link to purchase more hours. If we had already started working on your task before it became obvious that your hours will be insufficient, we will still let you know and advise you to buy more hours. We think it would be unfair for your VA to carry on working for you when you have no hours remaining.

  • Q: Can I try before I buy?

    A: We are confident you would be deeply impressed by our service because we are quite good at what we do. Give us a try and if we aren’t the right fit we will refund you the UNUSED hours in your business kit. It’s that simple.

  • Q: Can my colleagues or spouse share my business kit?

    A: Of course, you can share; we love sharing too. However, please bear in mind that the hours will likely finish quicker, so let your VA know what the priorities are.

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