1.1 Taskcrew will refund all UNUSED HOURS if within 14 days from the purchase of a business kit, a Client decides that the service is not right for him/her.

1.2 In the unlikely event that a Client becomes unhappy with the work or any other aspect of the Services, the Client should in the first instance contact If the Client can demonstrate that a specific requirement of a Task Request accepted by Taskcrew has not been met, but that hourly charges have been applied (or time credit has been deducted from Client's business kit) in respect of the requirement, Taskcrew shall either (at its option) arrange for the Work to be completed to Client’s satisfaction or arrange refund of the time charged in respect of such unmet requirement.

1.3 Refunds are absolutely at the sole discretion of Taskcrew.

1.4 All used hours are non-refundable